Pilbara Workwear & Shirts

Pilbara is an Australian brand that is known for their tough, durable and stylish workwear. Formerly known as Ritemate, Pilbara offers a range of high quality workwear perfect for a hard day's work, keeping you protected and cool from the sun. 

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Pilbara Collection: Combining Resilience and Style

When it comes to workwear, the Pilbara Collection by Ritemate Workwear stands as a prominent brand that seamlessly blends durability, comfort, and design. Renowned for reliability and longevity, Pilbara produces a comprehensive range of workwear catering to hard-working Australians across a range of industries. From the exceptional quality of materials to a wide array of colours and designs, Pilbara's clothing collection at W. Titley & Co showcases timeless and functional fashion.

Key Attributes that Stand Pilbara Workwear Apart

Pilbara workwear holds a reputation for unyielding dedication to quality. Every piece from the Pilbara collection undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, a high-standard process deeply ingrained in the brand's ethos. Pilbara’s clothing is designed to not only endure tough conditions and demanding work environments it also prioritises the comfort of the wearer. Pilbara's commitment to excellence in every stitch and seam ensures that its workwear stands out as a testament to quality, making Pilbara the preferred choice for anyone demanding both performance and comfort from their work attire.

  • Durability: Pilbara workwear is purpose-built to withstand the harshest conditions. Whether it's a robust work shirt or a pair of rugged jeans, the brand's dedication to durability is evident in every seam. 
  • Comfort: Pilbara clothing is constructed with ergonomic designs that facilitate ease of movement, ensuring you can tackle your tasks without feeling restricted.
  • Premium Materials: From robust denim to breathable linen and cotton, each element is meticulously chosen to enhance performance and comfort.
  • Variety of Colours and Designs: The brand offers an extensive range of shirt designs to cater to different preferences and workplaces. Whether you prefer classic solid tones or trendy check patterns, Pilbara ensures you can express your style while maintaining a professional appearance.

A Diverse Collection of Workwear

The Pilbara collection presents a workwear range that is more than clothing. It personifies the principles of durability, flexibility, and quality, addressing the practical needs of anyone who depends on tough-wearing work attire day in and day out. The brand's meticulous attention to detail, use of premium materials, and commitment to functional fashion set it apart. From Pilbara men’s work shirts and jackets to shorts and jeans, the collection from W. Titley & Co showcases the brand's dedication to providing hardworking individuals with gear that matches their dedication.

Pilbara Work Shirts

Pilbara work shirts are designed with comfort and style in mind. With features like twin-needle stitching and practical pockets, they are ideal for working outdoors. Whether you're mustering cattle, out on the property or doing yard work, these work shirts for both adults and children provide the durability and comfort you need.

Pilbara Shorts and Jeans

Pilbara’s collection of jeans and shorts are designed with comfort in mind. Each pair is made from premium cotton twill fabric to maximise movement and comfort. Whether you need something for work or an event, our Pilbara Collection is a dependable choice for long-lasting clothing. 

Pilbara Flannelette Collection

The Pilbara Collection of flannelette quilted shirts and vests will easily become your go-to clothing on those cooler mornings when you’re heading out for a day on the property. Designed with the classic Ritemate feel for hard-working Australians and the cooler weather, Pilbara flannelettes and quilted shirts are durable, practical and comfortable. Whether it's a cool morning on the station or a chilly afternoon, our Pilbara winter collection of Pilbara flannelettes and jackets provides all-day warmth and comfort. Ranging from sizes XS to 7XL, our 100% cotton Pilbara flannelette workshirts come in multiple patterns, so there’s something for everyone.

Pilbara Polo Shirts

Our Pilbara collection of polo shirts are the perfect combination of timeless style and functional design. From premium quality fabric to a classic yarn-dyed stripe pattern, these shirts will never go out of style. Experience the utmost comfort while presenting a polished look.

Elevate Your Workwear with The Pilbara Collection at Titley's

With more than a century of Australian western wear experience, W. Titley & Co has perfected the art of providing customers with top-quality products tailored to the specific demands of workwear that can take you from day and night to weekends. Choose Pilbara workwear from our online store to add style and substance to your wardrobe. When you buy from us, you’re buying the best at the best value.