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We currently ship Australia wide and internationally to New Zealand.

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We aim to ship all orders the same day or next business day if ordered after 11:00am AEST. 

Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or on Public Holidays are despatched the following business day. 

During sale and holiday periods, we ask that you please allow an extra business day for dispatch due to the high volumes of orders.

Don't panic! If you don't love your purchase from W. Titley & Co., we will happily offer an exchange or refund providing certain conditions have been met. 

How to make a return?

With the help of Australia Post we have made the return procedure extremely easy and very cost effective. You will only pay $9.15!

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Product Information

Generic size charts are located on the product pages. If you can't locate a size chart on a product, please contact us on here.

Before applying boot care or polish, ensure there is no mud/dirt on your boots. If there is and the boots have been exposed to wet conditions, remove the mud/dirt using a damp cloth and dry your boots out naturally. Apply leather conditioner or saddle dressing to your boots to preserve the leather. Apply boot polish to attain a high shine by buffing briskly with a buffing cloth.


It is important to not excessively apply leather conditioner or polish. For casual light wear, repair on a minimum of 3 months. For formal or office wear, repair on a regular 6-week basis or when the leather begins to dry out. 


Please note:

Test on a small area of your boot first to ensure it is safe. Do not use on suede, nubuck or distressed leather.  Preview a products instruction before applying. Pay attention to welts, soles and stitching.  Some boot care products may vary the colour of the leather when applied.   

Check out our shoe care products:


To clean straw hats, it is recommended to only use a soft, damp sponge or cloth (not soaking). A soaking sponge or cloth can cause more damage to your hat. In a counter clockwise motion, gently wipe to avoid damaging the weave pattern of your hat. Do not press too hard on your hat.


For more than a surface clean, a solution of water and dishwashing detergent can be carefully used. With a soft, damp sponge or cloth, test a small area of your hat to ensure it is safe. If safe, proceed with gently wiping in a counter clockwise direction. Finish off by using a clean cloth and water. To soak excess water, use a dry cloth or sponge.



A soft bristled brush can be used to remove loose dirt/dust in a soft counter clockwise direction. A light bristled brush should be used for light felt hats, whereas a darker bristled brush should be used for darker felt hats. A damp but not soaking cloth can also be used. To remove hair and fuzz, a piece of sticky tape can be used. For smudges, stains, or greases, it is best to use specific felt hat care products. A grease stain can also be removed by rubbing a small amount of corn starch into the stain and then brushing it off.


Please note:

Remove all ribbons or trims before cleaning. Test all cleaning procedures on a small area of your hat to ensure it’s safe. Preview a products instruction before applying. Store straw hats in a dry place and keep it out of the rain. Store felt hats resting upside down or in a hat box to restore its shape and away from extreme heat and rain. Regular brushing will increase hat life. 

We accept the following payments:

All major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express)

Afterpay, PayPal, Zippay

Cash (in store only)

Cheque (in store only) 

Company Information

For four generations the Titley name has been synonymous with quality and service. First established by bootmaker William Titley in 1926, W. Titley & Co. has provided country shoppers with quality clothing, footwear and accessories delivered with exceptional country service. Our Titleys Western Wear store is one of five stores in Charters Towers, Queensland.

We currently stock over 30,000 items of clothing, boots, hats and accessories from over +65 brands.

Our products are crafted and manufactured from all over the world, both nationally and internationally. 

We do! You can find the best and most reasonable prices at Titley's Western Wear!