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Our Kids Hat range is made with high quality materials providing ideal comfort, support and sun protection. Range of fun western style prints, patterns and sizes available from leading brands including Sunbody, Ariat, Cinch, Akbura and more.

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Share the Western Vibe with Kids' Cowboy Hats

Step into the world of Western fashion for the younger generation with our kids' country hat range at W. Titley & Co. Featuring classic and modern styles, our collection celebrates comfort, character, and the joy of country living. From kids' felt and straw hats to playful kids' trucker caps, our range offers a variety of designs suitable for every young cowboy and cowgirl. Explore our selection of renowned hat brands like Wrangler, Sunbody, and Twister and share a legacy of Western heritage with your kids.

Premium Kids' Hat Collection at Titley's

At W. Titley & Co, we believe that Western-style doesn’t define age, and our kids' cowboy hat collection is a testament to this. Designed with the utmost care and crafted from high-quality materials, our kids' Western hats ensure ideal comfort, support, and sun protection. Whether your little ones fancy the classic charm of felt hats, the breezy allure of straw hats, or the playful spirit of trucker caps, our diverse collection ensures that young cowboys and cowgirls can embrace the Western style.

Felt Cowboy Hats for Kids

Ourkids’ felt hats are not just miniature replicas; they are crafted with the same attention to detail and quality materials as our range of adult Western hats. With excellent durability and shape retention, they can withstand the energy and adventures of young wearers. The felt construction offers a classic Western aesthetic while providing sophistication even the youngest riders can appreciate. With a range of brim styles and widths, you can choose the perfect kids’ Western hat to suit your child's style and comfort preferences.

Kids Western Straw Hats

Ourkids' straw hats are ideal companions for warm, sunny days on the station or outdoor play. Crafted with breathable materials, they keep young heads cool and protected from the sun. The straw construction adds Western charm, making these hats functional and stylish. The variety of styles and patterns ensures your children can find the perfect fit, whether they prefer a more traditional look or a contemporary twist on classic Western style.

Kids’ Trucker Caps

For a fun and casual addition to their wardrobe, ourkids' trucker caps offer a playful take on Western style. Designed with comfort in mind, these country hats feature adjustable straps for a customisable fit, allowing them to grow with your kids. Some models feature mesh backs to provide ventilation, making these caps ideal for active outdoor play. With a range of prints, patterns, and sizes, these kids' Western hats allow little cowboys and cowgirls to express their individuality while embracing the carefree spirit of Western fashion.

Kids' Country Hat Designs for Every Young Adventurer

Our kids' country hat collection boasts a variety of brim styles with fun prints and patterns that resonate with the playful spirit of youth. From the classic Cattleman for maximum sun protection to the colourful Rodeo cap for a contemporary look, we have something for everyone:

  • Traditional Western hats: Our kids' country hats featuring wide brims offer a classic Western vibe. Explore the range of Sunbody palm leaf hats. They provide ample sun protection and can add style to any outfit. 
  • Trendy kids' cowboy hats: Our kids' Western felt fur hats offer a compromise between the classic and the contemporary, providing an adaptable option for various occasions. Consider the Statesman Kids Great Divide hat as a versatile choice for exploring the great outdoors.
  • Colourful hat designs: Our collection introduces kids' cowboy hats with playful prints. From a subtle Longhorn logo to the running horse design, these hats add a touch of whimsy to your child's Western wardrobe.

Kids' Western Hat Collection from Brands You Can Trust

At W. Titley & Co, we take pride in offering premium kids cowboy hats in Australia from leading brands synonymous with quality and authenticity. Names like Wrangler, Twister, Sunbody, and Statesman are part of our curated collection, ensuring that your children can experience Western style with the assurance of renowned craftsmanship. Explore our collection today, and let the next generation of Western enthusiasts embark on their stylish journeys with the best quality headwear.